11.Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology by John G. Webster (Editor) PDF

By John G. Webster (Editor)

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By John G. Webster (Editor)

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Resistivity of conductor material influences the inductance and resistance matrices of the structure model. Computation of those matrices involves solution of steady-state electromagnetic fields imposed by the sinusoidal current sources Ik(t) ϭ Ik cos(Ͷt ϩ ␾k) appropriately connected to the conducting traces. The inductances are defined by the principle of equivalency of magnetic energy stored in the model and the actual structure yielding ii = 4uii Ii2 f max = where uii is the magnetic energy stored in the system when the ith conductor is driven and all others are left open and ij = 2uij − uii − ujj Ii I j where uij is the magnetic energy stored in the structure when ith and jth conductors are driven by the current source of amplitudes Ii and Ij, respectively, and the remaining ones are open.

4. C. S. Chang, Electrical design of signal lines for multilayer printed circuit boards. IBM J. Res. , 32 (5): 647–657, 1988. 5. com/ tmo/hpeeof. 6. T. , Darmstadt, January 1994. 7. , Pittsburgh, 1995. 8. W. J. R. Hoefer and P. So, The Electromagnetic Wave Simulator, New York: Wiley, 1991. 9. H. Hasegawa, M. Furukawa, and H. Yanai, Properties of microstrip line on SiSiO2 system, IEEE Trans. Microw. , MTT-19: 869–881, 1971. 10. K. Reiss and O. Palusinski, Procedure for direct calculation of characteristic admittance matrix of coupled transmission lines, IEEE Trans.

The silanes dominate; waxes and oils facilitate mold release and aid in processing and molding. Flame retardants limit combustion to meet UL requirements. Scavengers or getters are insoluble salts that chemically tie up incidental harmful ions. These are usually secret, but antimony pentoxide and bismuth oxide and nitrate mixtures are examples. Colorants give cosmetic features and also prevent light from reaching any sensitive semiconductor surfaces. They also can improve the contrast of laser-drawn identification marks.

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