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We current a bidomain fire-diffuse-fire version that allows mathematical research of propagating waves of increased intracellular calcium () in residing cells. Modeling unencumber as a threshold procedure permits the categorical building of touring wave ideas to probe the dependence of wave pace on physiologically vital parameters corresponding to the brink for free up from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) to the cytosol, the speed of resequestration from the cytosol to the ER, and the full [] (cytosolic plus ER).

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SU6-R The SU6-R provides six acquisition channels in radio telemetry operations, with local storage and stacking eliminating the risk of lost or corrupt data, allowing multiple shot bursts and minimum transmission time. It operates from an internal or external battery providing an autonomy compatible with rollalong operation. A solar panel fixed to the SU6-R can provide additional power for several days of operation with no need to recharge batteries. A wireline option can be used to interconnect several SU6-Rs in case of transmission difficulty due to terrain obstructions.

The Human Computer Interface The operator controls the complete system through a Human Computer Interface (HCI) based on a workstation with a high resolution colour monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. A multi-windowing system allowing flexible and versatile screen extensions gives immediate access to all parameter settings. Control unit HCI workstation type CMXL SUN Ultra 5 or equivalent. SUN Blade if PRM host. The major functions of HCI software include: • Normal operation control (user-friendly parameter setup, update, and display for the entire system, including all VE416/VE432 Vibrator electronics parameters).

Then it launches its selftests. It supplies power to the FDUs in the line sections on either side of it (48 FDUs max on either side). Transverse port (Left) Line port (High) Line port (Low) Transverse port (Right) The LAUX generates a power-on command to the next LAUX (via one of its TRANSVERSE ports), and also remote control and acquisition commands. It processes the data from the FDUs if required and controls the path of the data flow from the FDUs to the recording truck. It also detects and processes communication errors if any.

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