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By Margaret Meinertzhagen Booth

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By Margaret Meinertzhagen Booth

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We Avere receiA'ed by a gentleman Avho spoke English very Avell, and also, to our great joy. met a gentleman who has been to Lima via the Pachitea and Pichis RiAers, Puerta Bermudez and Oroya. A P e r m i a n lady presented me Avith a little parroquet, which seemed Aery tame, though I soon found it was not so, but had its Avings and tail clipped short. I took it on board, but it couldn't bear to be noticed, and Avould not eat. I left it on a chair where it had been sitting all the afternoon, and MANAOS TO IQUITOS 35 Avhen I came b a c k it Avas gone !

Still no sign of t h e Elisa. April 7 : W e Avoke u p opposite Massisea. I t is a very small place, only a feAv houses, a good m a n y cattle, a n d I c o u n t e d eight horses. B u t Massisea s great title t o fame is t h a t it is t h e t e r m i n u s of t h e Avireless telegraphy to Lima. I t is very odd t o see t h e t h r e e high receiA'ing-toAvers rising above t h e forest a n d t h e small houses. We sent our telegram t o T a r m a , asking if the mules h a d already s t a r t e d , a n d if not t h a t they should be sent as soon as possible to P u e r t a Bermudez.

M. B. very much himself again, with only a suspicion of headache, AA'hich gradually gets better during the day. MANAOS TO IQUITOS 29 I t is so beautifully cool this morning t h a t I Avear m y s c u t u m t o keep Avarm ; a n d last night I was obliged t o go a n d fetch m y rug, it Avas so cold in the hammock. G. sights an alligator on a log, t h e Captain r u n s Avith his gun. a n d G. takes a shot a t him. B u t he is too far off, a n d t h e beast splashes into t h e river as t h e shot enters t h e water just beyond.

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